GMAT – Score Reporting

The scores that an individual receives for the GMAT are only valid for five years from the date that the individual takes the exam and any graduate program that requires the GMAT will not accept scores that are more than five years old. As a result, it may be wise for individuals that are not planning on attending graduate school in the near future to wait rather than take the exam now. Individuals that received low scores on the GMAT or are simply unhappy with their scores can retake the exam as many times as they wish, but they can not take the exam more than five times a year and there must be at least 31 days between each attempt. If an individual attempts to take the exam more than five times in a year or with less than 31 days between each testing date, the individual will not receive a score for the exam and will lose his or her testing fee. Individuals that receive a perfect combined score of 800 on the quantitative and verbal sections of the exam are not allowed to retake the exam until their current scores have become invalid. If the exam-taker feels that he or she has performed poorly on the exam, the exam-taker has the option to void his or her exam score on the day of the test. However, it is important to note that many individuals feel that they have performed poorly simply due to the stress associated with taking the test so this particular option should only be invoked if the individual is certain that he or she has performed extremely poorly and can do better if he or she takes the test again.