GMAT Preparation

Whether because of test anxiety or disorganization, too many students put off the GMAT until the last moment. To maximize your potential on the exam, you need to register and begin your GMAT preparation as soon as you decide to pursue your MBA career. Getting an early start will allow you to take the exam more than once, if necessary. There are a few different ways to register for the exam. For most students, the easiest method is to register online. Before you sign up for a specific exam date, you will need to select a testing location. Part of your GMAT preparation should be determining the site that will be most convenient for you on the day of the test.

When you are registering for the exam, be extra careful to enter all your personal information correctly; incorrect data on your admission ticket can prevent you from sitting for the exam. Also, if you are going to register online be sure to have your credit card handy, since this is the only method of payment available over the Internet. If you do not want to register online, you can also make an appointment over the telephone, by mail, or by fax. If you register by one of these latter methods, do not wait until you receive written confirmation of your test date to begin GMAT preparation. It is safe to assume that, even if you do not get to take the test on your preferred date, you will be given the option of taking it close to the same time.

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