GMAT – Analytical Writing Sample Questions 8

Question #8

8a. Identify some of the evidence that is used in the following argument in defense of the argument and explain why those pieces of evidence strengthen or weaken the argument: “Fellow board members, global warming has become a major concern amongst scientists across the world as they are projecting temperatures will continue to rise throughout the next century. This is a major problem, but it could be a great opportunity for us to increase our company’s market share.

With each passing year, the temperature is expected to rise, and with more and more scientists voicing their concerns, we can be certain that this temperature increase will be significant. I propose that we immediately begin marketing campaigns in areas with colder climates warning them of the effects of global warming and informing our potential customers that they should prepare for the drastic temperature increase that will be coming by purchasing our air conditioners.”

8b. The evidence that this argument uses, or the lack thereof, is actually one of the major problems with this particular argument as it offers no legitimate evidence of its claims. In fact, the only evidence that this argument actually offers is the fact that the scientists of the world are concerned. The problem is that this argument leaves out any specific information related to defending the argument such as the actual amount that the temperature will increase each year, the average temperature of the colder climate areas that the board member is proposing the company market in, the actual effects of the temperature increase, the number of years it will take for the temperature to reach a warm enough temperature for air conditioners to be necessary, and information related to a variety of similar concerns. In the end, the fact that the only evidence offered is that “global warming concerns scientists” greatly weakens the overall argument.

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